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Bee Removal

We remove honey bees ALIVE, and safely, place them in new bee boxes, and relocate to new, safe areas where they can pollinate fruit trees. One of our apiaries is located at the former head of Sonoma County’s Rare Fruit Growers Association presidents house where there are dozens of rare fruit trees and flowers.

Yellow Jackets/Hornets/Wasps Removal

We also specialize in the safe removal of Yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps. wasps can be especially aggressive so handling them on one’s own, is not recommended.

All About Bee Removal

  • All, bees, and this includes aggressive yellow jackets, are only typically aggressive and dangerous near their hives, even if disturbing them was an accident, like while gardening, or having a ball roll over them. Honey bees are also quite calm and docile until their nest is disturbed in some way.
  • Spraying bees of any kind rarely works, as the spray doesn’t get onto the whole nest, and all of the bees. Killing honey bees may be illegal in some areas, but in any event this rarely works unless using heavy pesticides, which only licensed pest control companies are permitted to use. No pest control companies kill honeybees anymore as bees are mostly protected and they don’t want the bad publicity from the public.
  • If you do try to kill honeybees, you may kill a few, but there are literally thousands, behind sheets of comb inside cavity that the spray will not reach. The bees will now turn aggressive, because they know that someone it trying to hurt them.
  • In the case of yellow jackets, there are hundreds, not thousands, but they turn extremely aggressive when any attack is perceived.
  • We have a very effective, safe way of dealing with yellow jackets but they are not saved or relocated, no one does that.
  • When dealing with honey bees, because of the size and many internal wax comb layers of a honeybee colony, it is necessary to open up the cavity and do a live removal.
  • This is more expensive, as it takes time, and the final procedure happens at the very end of the day when the bees quit flying. We also provide them a new box afterwards to live in, and feed them back the honey that was inside cavity so the can rebuild their home in their new location, and become re-established.
  • If bees are in a tree, the cavity needs to be opened up. This will typically kill the tree. If the tree is coming down, then we work with the tree company to schedule the bee removal process alongside the tree removal process. This includes locking the bees inside the night before, then after tree is trimmed down, removing the bees.
  • If the tree is not coming down, a “trap out method” can sometimes be employed, but this also takes some time, including several trips back to the tree over several days, to collect and relocate the bees. After bees are removed, cavity will be properly, and permanently sealed so no future bees can occupy tree.

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