Our services include:

  • The removing and relocating of honey bees to new and safe locations.
  • We also mentor and teach people how to care for bees in a sustainable, pesticide free manner. All different levels of teaching plans are available, and are custom designed to create a teaching plan to meet the level and interest of the client.
  • We also maintain hives for people who are interested in just having bees on their property but do not wish to be involved in the on hands care of those bees. Sometimes this desire for bees is to ensure widespread pollination for gardens, fruit trees, large landscaped properties.
    Sometimes, a client can be simply interested in achieving a crop of beautiful, delicious, wholesome, pesticide free honey. Some of our clients want us to extract that honey for them as well, and some like us to walk them through the extraction/bottling process while others just want us to do the whole thing.
    Whatever the goals of the client/new bee keeper, we will suit our plan to meet those goals.
  • We also take care of wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Hornets.