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The following rates apply:

With regards to wall extractions, each job is different and hard to pinpoint exactly with regards to cost. Some are fairly easy and straight forward but still require 6-8 hours of removal time. Sometimes I’ve rented scaffolding, or, on some occasions, a lift to get up to the bees safely. It also takes a significant amount of time to remove a colony of bees, and sometimes the size can vary greatly.

Removing bees from a wall, roof, etc, is like a slow process to surgically remove the bees, piece by piece. A special contraption, vacuum box is used, plus I have a lot of other equipment that has to be up there with me when I do removal. It’s hot and sweaty and I almost always get stung usually back at the truck. This particular version of box, does not kill the bees in anyway, so they are removed gently and all together. The final removal happens at dark, so I usually get home around 9-10pm from an extraction job and I start usually around 11am.

$200 - $1,500

Each colony that is removed needs a new bee box. This box costs approximately $200. There is a wide range that the final cost can be from as little as $200 to as much as $1,500.00 for the extremely difficult jobs.

We here at Bee Conscious have been in business for 9 years and this is our sole occupation.

We are NOT part-timers and we KNOW what we are doing. There are lots of ways to make mistakes and we have done numerous jobs for Cities and big Companies. Last year we took the two colonies of bees out of the City of Healdsburg Library roof overhang that had been there for 20 years. We also took some bees out of a cable box for Comcast recently.

We have fantastic references available upon request.

As for installing bee on a property, maintaining those bees and the mentoring of beekeeping, of course that would depend upon the total services requested.

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